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Cricket is not only exciting to watch, it can also provide a wide range of different profit-making opportunities. There are different international and domestic cricket tournaments taking place almost every day throughout the year, meaning that there is always a cricket prediction to be made about what the outcomes of the match will be. However, if you are new to online cricket betting, you could find yourself making mistakes with your betting predictions. This is where we come in. We will show you how to assess the odds and improve your chances of making an accurate cricket match prediction today.

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Today's Cricket Match Predictions

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Why Should You Read Cricket Match Predictions?

First things first, why should you even bother to read cricket match predictions? There are many reasons why sports fans love reading match predictions and the most burning question that pops up the most is usually: ‘Who will win today?’.

One reason is that many punters like to gain extra insight into a particular match or tournament before placing any wagers. Others simple enjoy reading our match predictions as they include heaps of information about the teams playing, their form, the pitch, and much more. It is incredibly useful to have all the best and most relevant information at your fingertips without having to trawl through many different cricket match prediction sites till you find out what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for today’s match prediction or looking for information to help with your prediction for fantasy cricket, make sure to check in daily to our website for all the best information and cricket tips today.

Today's Match Prediction: What Information Do We Share?

Whenever another international cricket match is upon us, many punters flock to the internet to ask questions like ’Who will win today?’, ’What are the cricket betting predictions for today?’, and even ’What are the top fantasy cricket tips?’. We know it can be equal parts exciting and thrilling when you have been cricket betting for today’s match, so it is understandable to try and get as many opinions as possible as to who will win today’s match.

Unlike other cricket prediction sites, in all our match predictions, we always include the most relevant information to give you a starting block for all your cricket betting needs for the wagers you might be hoping to place. We always post our cricket predictions in good time before the start of the match to give you enough time to mull over any decisions.

In each cricket match prediction, you’ll be able to find information about both teams, the outcomes of their most recent matches, strong and weak players, any changes to the squad, and the effects of winning or losing; particularly how the outcome would affect the team’s standing in a particular tournament.

In addition to this, we will always cover the toss prediction, the pitch condition, and any other remarks about the match. Each of these sections are there to deliver all the key information about the top matches so if you decide to place a bet on who will win today, it can help you with your decision.

Of course, all our predictions, recommendations, advice, and tips should be taken into your own consideration too as the team at are just cricket aficionados that love what we do. We try to always bring the best advice to the table and always share our ideas that we stand behind.

What Cricket Match Tournaments do We Follow?

We love all cricket, and as one of the best match prediction sites, you can expect to find us covering all the major cricket tournaments. We cover all the biggest and best cricket tournaments, not just in India, but around the world. This means everything from domestic matches to all the top tournaments in the international scene, you will be able to find it all here. So if you are looking for a cricket match prediction today, take a look below at some of the biggest cricket tournaments we cover:

Indian Premier League

Founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), this annual Twenty20 cricket league tournament sees ten teams from ten cities across the whole country come together between March and May. It is one of the most-attended cricket leagues in the world and is also broadcasted around the world for millions to spectate.

With 74 games being played in each tournament, there are plenty of opportunities for cricket betting and making fantasy cricket predictions. With the 2022 edition just around the corner, be sure to find out sports forecast of the tournament that might be useful for your cricket bet predictions.

T20 World Cup

This tournament sees the best ten teams ranked by the International Cricket Council (ICC), and six other teams selected from the T20 World Cup Qualifier come together to lock horns. The cricket World Cup attracts millions of fans around the world to watch their nation compete. 2024 marks a change for the World Cup, and we will see the number of teams increase from 16 to 20. This is great news for match prediction sites as it means there are more possibilities for predictions.

Currently, the teams in the World Cup will follow a format of playing a Preliminary round, followed by the Super 12s which leads into the Play-offs. However, when the World Cup tournament will expand to 20 teams, the format will change, where the 20 World Cup teams will be divided into four groups. The Super Eights will then be played between the top two teams from the groups. These teams will be divided into two groups, with again the top two teams advancing to the semi-finals.

Off the back of their 2021 win, Australia will be hosting the next ICC T20 World Cup. This means there is plenty of time to get ready for the next tournament and brush up on your World Cup knowledge to make confident cricket betting decisions.

The Ashes

Taking place roughly every two years in alternating countries, the two nations battle to claim the Ashes urn. All the Ashes action is watched by millions around the world and there is plenty of it, with five Test matches lasting up to five days each being played.

The Ashes has entered its 72nd series with all the action kicking off from the end of 2021 running till the end of January 2022. The rivalry between England and Australia ignites in this special Test cricket match tournament and is classed as one of the biggest competitions in cricket. If you are looking for today match predictions or even fantasy cricket tips about The Ashes, they can all be found on our website.

Big Bash League

The Big Bash League for both men and women follows the Twenty20 format played in Australia. Eight teams play each other twice, for a total of 56 matches, played within the regular cricket season. Five additional play-off matches are then used to decide the winner. Twenty20 cricket league. The Big Bash league draws in millions of spectators and is one of the top Twenty20 tournaments that punters love to bet on.

Most recently we followed the Women’s Big Bash League, and you can find our online cricket prediction for the Eliminator, Challenger, and Final.

Why We are One of the Top Cricket Betting Predictors

Our cricket match predictions are some of the best that are available for free on the internet. Our high success rate is due to our in-house cricket experts that love everything about cricket. Our cricket afficionados live and breathe cricket, so you can be sure to find all the best information on our website. We don’t use astrology to make our match predictions, just through our cricket aficionado team instead.

As much as we would like to be, we are unfortunately able to see into the future for today’s prediction, so it’s understandable that while we do have a high success rate, it’s not always on the money 100% of the time. All our predictions, however, are decisions that our team stands by.

Whether you believe we are the cricket prediction king is for you to decide, however, we are passionate about bringing all the best information about cricket to you.

Prediction Factors We Cover for Today Cricket Match

Match predictions are, of course, not always easy to make as there are several factors that can affect the outcome of each cricket match. From cricket team history to pitch conditions, weather conditions to any recent substitutions: there are a whole load of variables that can have huge effects on the match. We take all of these, and more, into consideration to provide a concise but in-depth prediction of every cricket match.

The next sections cover what you can expect to find in our predictions in more detail.

Team Previews

This is an essential part of our cricket predictions as we cover all the most important information regarding the teams. This includes player’s health, any swaps to the team, how their form is, how they played in recent matches, and other general cricket team news.

It’s also incredibly important to see how potential partnerships can be built and where strengths and weaknesses lie within the batting or bowling side. We name key players that catch our eye, along with any markets where we think these players could excel in. Our today cricket match markets for specific members of the squad are based off many factors, mainly taking into consideration the history and form of the player.

Toss Prediction

Like other sports, the coin toss is a crucial part to decide the order in which the match will begin. This is of course a 50/50 chance, so can’t offer our expert predictions on whether it will be ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’. We can however use our expertise for after the toss prediction as to what might happen after a captain manages to win the toss.

The captain’s decision to bat or field first will be based on certain factors which all need to be considered when making predictions here, such as the pitch where the match is being played, the weather conditions, any changes to the squad, past decision made by the captain, and the history of other captains’ decisions on the same pitch for the same type of tournament.

Pitch Report

The pitch can have one of the biggest effects on the match and all the best cricket match prediction sites make sure to cover this well. The pitch has the ability to drive the match depending on its conditions, with the example of comparing a pitch on the first day of a Test match to the last day. A fresh pitch with good conditions will give way to a very different match of cricket in comparison to the last days where it can be tired and cracked.

Each and every pitch is unique and vary produce different amounts of bounce, seam, grass cover, and flatness. Some players can thrive in conditions that others struggle, so this is another key factor to consider when watching the match and wondering which team will win today.

Lastly, the weather forecast is another crucial factor to consider for your wagering predictions. Rainy days threaten to disrupt gameplay, so we aim to include any notable conditions that may have an effect on the game.

Our Match Prediction

The final section of our predictions are rounded off with our final decision for the match as well as some of our own thoughts about what the match will bring for the rest of the tournament. We also share our top choices of markets if you are betting today.

Why Is the Weather such a Big Deal for Cricket Match Predictions?

Cricket is of the most widely followed sports that cannot be played in the rain. The weather has such a big impact on a match on a cricket match prediction, we thought it would be best to dedicate a section to it.

Take a look below at the different effects the weather can cause:

  • Good Conditions: This is of course the optimal condition for a cricket match, where a not-too-dry pitch is helpful to both the batters and fielders. You can expect to see higher scores during these conditions.
  • Sun: Hot and intense sun can lead to a cracked pitch, making the ball bounce high and more unpredictable when bowled. These conditions, especially for longer cricket matches, can lead to interesting developments within the game and can make it more difficult predicting which team will win today.
  • Rain: On previous days before the cricket match, rain will cause the pitch to be full of moisture which can lower the levels of bounce and spin. Tacked on to this section is dew, which can be found during day/night matches. In the transition to night, dew can make the cricket ball slippery making it harder for the bowlers to grip it.
  • Overcast and humid conditions: These conditions can often be helpful to the bowling side as more swing can be available.

As you can see, the weather has a huge impact on cricket match predictions and as much as we take this into consideration for predicting who will win today, not all weather forecasts are correct!

Some Great Cricket Match Predictions Tips

To improve your chances of being successful at making a good cricket match prediction today keep the following tips in mind. You can then put all this information to good use on any of these worldwide competitions happening today. More tips like the ones below can be found on our match prediction cricket betting tips page.

Watch and Follow as much Cricket as Possible

Okay, so this one might be pretty obvious to most, however it’s a good idea to restate this. Using astrology to make your cricket betting predictions won’t get you far!

Past research has to be one of the best strategies to have success with cricket betting. Of course, more research doesn’t always correlate to successful bets every time, but it absolutely puts you in a better position than someone who is a complete beginner to cricket betting.

The best way to prepare for an upcoming cricket match that you are hoping to bet on is do your research. Any bets you place should be based on the research that you have done which means keeping a close eye on the teams, players, and general news about your preferred cricket tournament. These help you make a better match prediction for all the top tournaments like the World Cup, the Big Bash League, and the Indian Premier League.

Pay Attention to Player Statistics

It is always good to check the average runs that a player has scored and their strike rate. If they have a very good average and a high strike rate, you can predict that they are a good bet for highest runscorer in a limited-overs match. However, players with a high strike rate but a low average should be avoided for this type of bet as it shows that they have a tendency to hit a few big shots before getting out which is important to remember for your predictions.

Furthermore, you can often find stats that will give you a good idea as to how a certain player has performed against spin and seam bowlers in the past to improve your cricket win prediction. If, for example, you are looking at placing a bet on a batsman to score a half-century, you should check what type of bowling they prefer to face. If they struggle against spin, do the opposition have a quality spinner? If so, place your money on a player that is known to be a quality player of spin bowling.

Don’t forget to check a player’s recent form as well. It is vital to predict how their performance will be in a cricket match today. If they have been struggling as of late, it is best to place your money on someone who is in form and has spent plenty of time at the crease in recent matches.

Know How to Get Value from In-Play Action

In-play cricket betting is a great way to win decent sums of cash, but it is important that you pay close attention to the tips today playing so that you choose your bets wisely. There are a number of things that you can think about when betting on live play. For example, is the batsman who has just come into bat known for scoring quick runs? If so, placing a bet on the number of runs that will be scored in the following over could be worth a shout. Also, are wickets falling in clusters? Batsmen are vulnerable when they have just started batting, so if there are two new batsman batting, it might be a good cricket prediction to place a bet on a wicket to fall in the next over.

Know the Main Differences between the Major Cricket Tournaments

It’s not always possible or realistic to be an expert all the major cricket tournaments. From the IPL to the T20 to The Ashes, there are key differences that you should know about as they can affect cricket match predictions and the way punters place wagers.

Here are the three forms of cricket played at an international level:

T20 International

Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) are the newest form of cricket, offering a short and fast version of the game. It has been incredibly successful at spreading the popularity of cricket around the world and is a great form to watch if you are new to cricket betting.

Since 2005, T20Is offer fast-paced one day matches, which encourages skilful bowling and power hitting, often resulting in the game being decided through one or two overs. Typically bowlers in this form are more defensive as taking wickets is less important than not conceding runs.

One Day International

One Day Internationals, like the ICC World Cup, are a longer format consisting of 50 overs per team allowing teams to blend technique with speed and skill, which the T20Is don’t allow so much.

Typically for this format, the cricket team batting first will want to aim for a challenging score that the second team will be unable to chase. The ICC Cricket World Cup, for men and women, is possibly the most well-known tournament to use this format.

Test Cricket

Known as the most traditional form of the game, Test cricket is the longest format of cricket with 90 overs to play. Taking place over five days, successful teams have to show endurance and technique, while contending with different weather conditions. It’s not uncommon for predictions can go slightly awry as many influences can pop up unexpectedly as the days progress for the longer forms of cricket.

Cricket Betting Odds: What Are They?

cricket prediction

Cricket betting odds can be a bit confusing at times, especially for those who have never tried to predict a cricket match before. Do the odds offer value for money? This is a commonly asked question in a match prediction, but, thankfully it is possible to work out if the odds are valuable and worth paying attention to. Knowing how to do this helps us to choose the betting sites for cricket offering odds that provide the best value for making cricket betting predictions. Our IPL predictions are generally the most sought after.

How do Cricket Odds Work?

Cricket odds, like the odds in any other sport, are just a way of showing the probability that a particular outcome will occur. To make this clearer, we will give you an example match prediction:

Imagine that England are taking on Australia in the Ashes at Lord’s in London. The online bookmaker that you have signed up to has given England the odds of 4/1 to win the test.

So, what chance are they really giving England? Well, it is relatively easy to work out for this match prediction. The following calculation can be used to determine the implied chance of winning that the bookmaker believes England has. 1 / (4 + 1) x 100 = 20 You simply have to divide 1 by the two numbers present in the odds and then multiply that figure by 100. The above calculation shows that this particular bookmaker gives England just a 20% chance of turning Australia over.

Do your Research Yesterday for an Accurate Match Prediction Today

Now, let us imagine that you have done a bit of research (something you should always do before placing a bet and not relying on something like astrology to make your decisions) and have realised that Australia’s two best bowlers are not going to be playing due to having picked up injuries. Furthermore, you studied the recent matches that England have played and have seen that they have scored over 350 runs in their last eight innings (four test matches). With this information in mind, it is not unreasonable to predict that England have a better chance of winning the match than what the bookmaker’s odds are suggesting. In essence, you have found yourself a value bet from your match prediction. In other words, you have found yourself a bet where the probability of a particular event occurring is higher than what the bookmaker believes.

"With the above hypothetical example, we feel that the odds for England winning should be shorter than what is being offered. However, rather than complain about it, we would take full advantage of the bookmaker’s generosity (or ignorance) and place a bet on England to be victorious on the power of our match prediction."

We recommend that you always take the time to calculate probability so that you can find all the valuable odds-on offer. You can then check out the odds for these Indian competitions to see what you can take advantage of.

How to use Cricket Betting Predictions to make more Successful Bets

Let us take things one step further for cricket betting. So, we have realised that we have found a value bet for an England win for the World Cup. So, if they go on to win like we believe they will, how much would we win? Well, let us say that we made a match prediction and placed 2,000 Indian rupees on England to win (remember that you should never bet more than you can afford).

Indian Rupees with Odds

So, ₹2000 Indian rupees with odds of 4/1 is easy to figure out for our match prediction. We would win ₹8000 Indian rupees (including our stake). But if the odds are, for example, 13/4, it can be a bit trickier to work out. The best and easiest way to do this is to change those fractional odds into decimal ones. You can do this by simply dividing those numbers in the fraction, and then adding one. See the example below: 13 / 4 + 1 = 4.25 so, now the odds are 4.25 instead of 13/4. So, how much would we win if we stuck 2,000 Indian rupees on an England win? Well, we simply need to multiply the odds by our stake. ₹2000 x 4.25 = ₹8500 Therefore, if we are successful with our match prediction, we will get a profit of ₹6500 Indian rupees. We’re not saying that you need to be a mathematician to accurately predict matches, but when you take the time to calculate your own odds and potential returns, it will be easier for you to know whether you have unearthed a hidden gem. You can find many hidden treasures when making match predictions on these foreign cricket events.

What is Handicap Betting?

Sometimes you might come across a cricket match where one team is completely dominating, or where the teams are mismatched from the beginning. In these cases, bookmakers will offer handicap odds in order to make things more interesting for the match prediction.

Cricket handicaps are quite simple, but they do differ a bit to the handicaps that you will find in other sports like football or rugby. With these sports, the handicap is easily applied before today’s cricket match has started as games always start at 0-0 and both teams can score at any time. However, when it comes to 20 and 50 over cricket, a victory can happen in two ways: The cricket team that bats first can win by a number of runs or the team that bats second can be victorious by a number of wickets. The team batting first can make a huge difference to the predicted target score, making it really hard for bookmakers to provide accurate handicap odds.

Therefore, in limited-overs cricket match prediction, the bookmakers usually assign a handicap after one team has finished batting. This gives the bookmaker the ability to assign a run-based handicap for the team that is going to bat second.

Let us look at an example

Let us say that Pakistan have batted first against India in the World Cup and have scored 340 runs in their 50 overs. During the break between innings, the bookmaker assigns a handicap of +35.5 for India and -35.5 for Pakistan. Then, if we place a bet on India to win, we would simply need them to score 306 runs in order to win our bet.

When it comes to test match or World Cup cricket, bookmakers rarely offer a straight handicap. Instead, they offer a similar market: margin of victory. Once the fourth and final innings of the cricket match is underway, and the match winning target is known, the bookmaker can create a margin of victory market for both sides. The team that is bowling can win by a number of runs while the team that is betting can win by a number of wickets. This certainly makes making a match prediction a lot more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are cricket betting on the World Cup, The Ashes, the Big Bash League, or another top tournament, it can be useful to check out today’s match prediction to help you feel more confident with your wagers. We are a top cricket prediction sites with the goal to share our expert opinion on which team will win today. While there is no guarantee that we will make current predictions 100% of the time, we always make cricket betting predictions to the best of our ability.

No matter if you are a cricket betting novice, or have some experience to your name, our cricket predictions today can be helpful for everyone.


How Do You Predict a Cricket Match?

There isn’t a fool-proof way to predict everything that is going to happen in a cricket match – otherwise we’d all be making millions. Instead, there are some practises you can take up to maximise your cricket prediction success and we’ll cover the main ones now.

Knowledge is key. Understanding as much as you can about the cricket teams playing, their history, and keeping up with relevant news will give you the best opportunity possible to make sound bets. Another tip is to understand cricket betting markets and odds. On betting sites, you’ll be able to find out what the bookmaker’s think about each and every match from their odds and turn it into your favour when trying to predict a cricket match.

Which Is the Best Match Prediction Site?

Cricket is becoming a fast favourite for many, and predicably there are now many sites offering their readers their tips and projections for upcoming matches. Although, readers need to be aware that not every cricket prediction site is top-quality. We can confidently say we deliver in our aim to produce the best cricket predictions coming from cricket fanatics with years of cricket experience under their belts. Whether you are looking for Test match predictions or tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, we are one of the best around for everything regarding cricket.

Which Is the Best Prediction App for Cricket?

This is quite a hard question to answer as it really depends on what you are looking for. Sites like 10Cric, 22Bet Sports, and Betway all offer quality apps where you can find their up to date predictions for many different cricket matches and tournaments. All these site’s apps have easy to use interfaces, which not only is perfect for checking all the odds, but also won’t distract you if you like to place in-play cricket bets. In addition, over all three apps you will find a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, so you won’t feel limited.

Again, as it’s impossible to entirely predict a match, each betting site will have experts who live and breathe cricket, so their predictions will be based of years of knowledge and expertise.

How Do I Win a Cricket Bet?

Research, research, research. This the single most important factor to winning a cricket bet. It would be fantastic to be able to know everything about cricket immediately, however, some things in life take time and cricket research is one of them. Of course more research doesn’t always correlate to more wins, but you’ll put yourself in a much better position than someone who knows nothing about cricket!

Before placing your cricket bet, take into consideration factors such as each teams’ history, pitch conditions, weather conditions, any team changes for the match, and the past head-to-head record between both teams. This will give you the best chances of making a winning cricket bet.

Who Will Win Today's Match?

This is an answer that we would love to know. Seriously, if we could see into the future to know exactly what would happen in a cricket match, we would be able to make many of our readers very happy. However, it’s not possible to know exactly what will happen, but armed with our team of expert cricket writers, we aim to give our predictions to the best of our abilities. Of course, there can be moments where we miss the mark, but we always aim to give predictions and information that we stand behind.

Do You Offer a Premium Service?

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise about cricket and want to be able to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, we do not offer a premium service as we don’t think it would be right to keep extra tips, predictions, and other cricket information hidden away from non-paying customers. We are happy to use this platform to connect with other cricket aficionados and perfectly content offering our opinions and expertise for free.

Who Writes the Cricket Betting Tips?

We have a dedicated team working hard to bring up-to-date, accurate, and all the best information regarding cricket and cricket betting. Our cricket writers are die-hard fans of the sport, and love nothing more than to spend their time living and breathing cricket. If our writers could spend their time watching cricket all day, every day, they would be perfectly content.

Why Was Your Last Cricket Prediction Wrong?

While our writers do their best to provide predictions taking into consideration all their knowledge, it’s good to remember that they are humans too. They don’t have superpowers to be able to predict everything entirely correct, otherwise they would all be jet-setting around the world with millions in the bank! However, even with the best of their ability, it’s likely that don’t manage to get everything completely correct. But that is the nature of cricket betting – you win some, you lose some. It just goes to show, sometimes the cricket teams we write about manage to pull of some incredible feats of performance, upending everyone’s predictions.

What Is the Best Site for Online Betting?

This is another tricky question that doesn’t have one answer. Depending on who you ask, you are bound to get as many different answers. The best betting site for one person isn’t necessarily going to be a good fit for the next. That’s why it’s best to find out what is important to you, before starting your search for a betting site. Consider different factors such as bonuses, betting markets, payment options, and ease of use, and you will be able to find a betting site that excels in that area.

Ultimately, the best site for online betting is one that is reliable, has competitive betting odds, and is one you can trust. It’s important to also find a site where you know the licensing and regulatory information, just so you can be sure the site is legitimate too.