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We have reviewed all of the best online cricket betting sites that Indian players can sign up for, but we will now take a look at some special bonus codes that you can use with 1xBet, Betway India, and 10Cric to get some extra money. After we have done that, we will look at some other tricks that you can use when betting on cricket in order to improve your chances of winning.

The Best Tips for Our Top 3 Best Cricket Betting Sites

When new customers sign up with a new bookmaker, they will be treated to a nice Welcome Bonus as a thank you for choosing to deposit your money at their cricket betting site.

₹ 2,500 Welcome Offer
*First Deposit Match. Offer only valid for new players.
5.0 rating
100% Welcome Bonus, up to ₹10,000.
*Offer exclusive to New Registered Players.
4.8 rating
Get ₹10,000 right now!
*Available to Customers who have not previously made a real-money deposit into their Sports Cash Account.
4.5 rating
100% Free Bets up to ₹20,000
*Wagering requirement: ₹5,000 with odds of 1.30 or above.
4.5 rating
₹2,000 to bet for FREE.
*First deposit only.
4.3 rating

Know the Terms and Conditions to Fully Benefit from your Bonus

However, many people are unaware that you can get even more “free” money if you enter a bonus code when you are going through the registration process.

If you are wondering why we put the word free in inverted commas, well it is because the extra money that you receive isn’t exactly free – if you have read any of our reviews, you will know all about wagering requirements by now, that’s for sure.

For those of you who have not, a wagering requirement is the number of times that you must turnover your Welcome Bonus before you will be able to withdraw any of it.

For example, if you receive a Welcome Bonus of 10,000 Indian rupees and there are wagering requirements in place of 5x, you must wager 50,000 Indian rupees before a withdrawal is possible. You will often have a certain number of days to clear these wagering requirements; failure to do so will result in you losing the bonus.

If you can get some extra funds in your account when you are signing up to a new bookmaker, you would be silly not to take advantage of it.

Therefore, we will now take a look at three bonus codes that you can enter when creating a new account with three bookmakers that are very popular among the Indian public.

1xBet Welcome Bonus Code

1xBet are one of the up and coming bookmakers for those living in India.
When new customers create an account with this bookmaker, they will give you a Welcome Bonus of 7,500 Indian rupees.

However, if you input the bonus code, you will be given 9,750 Indian Rupees instead. As you can work out, spending a couple of seconds entering a code during the registration process will see you receive an extra 2,250 Indian Rupees. Not bad at all if you ask us.

The wagering requirements in place are 5x and you have 30 days to get them cleared. Furthermore, only odds of 1.40 or higher will count towards the clearance of the wagering requirements.

10Cric Welcome Bonus Code

10Cric, formerly known as Betrally India, focuses entirely on those living in India, which is why it has become one of the leading bookmakers in the country.

10cricIf you go ahead and decide that you want to join this bookmaker, they will treat you to a Welcome Bonus of up to 7,500 Indian Rupees if you do not input a bonus code.

However, if you input the bonus code when completing the registration process, they will give you up to 10,000 Indian Rupees and 100 free spins as well. There are not many (if any) better offers out there than that.

The wagering requirements for this Welcome Bonus are 12x which is quite high, but, in their defence, they do give you 3 months to clear them. You need to be aware that only odds of 1.60 or higher will count towards the clearance.

Betway India Welcome Bonus Code

Betway India has been around for twelve years, and in that time, it has gone from strength to strength to become one of the best bookmakers in the world.

betway indiaAt this moment in time, there does not seem to be a bonus code that you can enter to improve the 2,500 Indian rupees Welcome Bonus that they give to new customers.

However, there are some other promotions that you can take advantage of by simply entering a code. For example, if you enter the promotional code, you will receive a free bet of 500 Indian Rupees when you bet 500 Indian Rupees or more on any sports markets that they offer. It is important to note that the odds that you choose have to be 2.00 or higher.

Now that we have given you some great codes that you can take full advantage of, we will now give you some great free cricket tips that you can use to improve your chances of winning.

IPL Betting Tips are the Best? Familiarise Yourself with All the Different Cricketing Events

If you don’t know what cricketing events take place around the world regularly, then you will obviously end up missing out on events that you could win some money on. Therefore, we shall now take a look at the most popular cricket competitions:

  • Cricket World Cup: All cricket fans look forward to this competition, which occurs every four years. The last one saw England become the champions for the very first time and saw New Zealand finish in second place for the second consecutive tournament. The next one will take place in India in 2023, with qualifying matches for this tournament starting in May 2020.
  • Twenty20 World Cup: This competition is sporadic, with five tournaments having taken place since the first one in 2007. The next one is in 2020 in Australia and then India will host another one the following year.
  • World Test Championship: This is a new test tournament that began in August 2019 and will come to an end in 2021. Nine test-playing nations play a series against six other sides in order to try and win as many points as possible. The two teams that finish with the most points will face off in a final for the right to be called Champions.
  • Indian Premier League: Every March, April and May, the best players from all over the world join up with eight Indian franchise teams to compete in a very popular twenty20 competition. There is always fantastic cricket on show here. If you want to discover our best IPL predictions, take a look at this page.
  • The Big Bash: This is the Australian version of the IPL and it takes place every year between December, January, and February. Like with the aforementioned IPL, there is always great cricket to be watched (and bet on) here.
  • Vitality Blast: This is a Twenty20 tournament that happens in England and Wales between July and September. Eighteen counties are split into North and South leagues, and the fours team that finish in the top four of each league will meet in the quarter-finals.

Live Betting Tips for Cricket – Study Stats and Wait Until One Innings Has Been Completed

Limited overs matches are well-known for their tense finishes, but, at the same time, there are quite a few one-sided games as well.
Sometimes, a team might get a huge advantage by winning the toss or a team might get bowled out for a very paltry score. We’ve prepared a guide to toss prediction, if you want to have a look on it. You will never know what a good total is until most of, if not all, of the first innings has been completed.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to spend the first innings analysing what is happening and how that might affect the run chase. This will give you a better chance of predicting the team that will end up victorious.

Take the time to find out information regarding previous totals and run rates at the ground where the match is being played. Some pitches allow the batsman to score fast early on but slow up dramatically as the innings wears on.

betting tips cricket

For example, during the last World Cup in England, it was noted that teams scored fast in the first 15 overs of their innings, but struggled to score as the match wore on because the pitches got slower.

Other grounds, for example, have small boundaries which allow for quick runs during the batting power plays at the start and end of the innings, but not during the middle overs.

Knowing what regularly happens on each ground will obviously give you a huge advantage when placing bets.

Best Free Cricket Betting Tips: Analyse the Players and Their Preferred Formats and Conditions

Some players are able to perform in whatever format they play, such as England’s Joe Root, India’s Virat Kohli, and Australia’s Steve Smith. However, there are certain cricketers that struggle to make an impact in one format of the game but are very good in another format.

We always propose you several cricket match prediction. You can take a look at the future match predictions that prepared our experts.

One prime example of this is West Indies all-rounder Keiran Pollard. He has become one of the highest-paid ODI and T20 player in the world due to his aggressive style of play, but he has never been deemed good enough to be part of the West Indies Test side.

On the other hand, England’s Alastair Cook (who recently retired) was one of the best test openers that the world has ever seen, but he was relatively ineffective when it came to the shorter formats of the game.

To add to this, only the very best players can perform to their best in all conditions. For example, many Indian batsmen struggle when touring Australia, England, and South Africa, due to the fact that they grew up playing on slow pitches with not of a lot of bounce and are conducive to spin.

The pitches in the aforementioned countries are much faster and provide bowlers with considerable bounce. This is also the same reason why a lot of English, Australian, and South African batsman struggle when they play on the sub-continent. They are simply not used to spinning conditions.

So, if you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of particular players before you place bets on how they will perform, you can drastically improve the odds of your predictions coming true.

Expect the Unexpected and Do Not Be Afraid of Taking Risks

Drama is something that you can definitely expect to find in a cricket match, with upsets being a regular theme. In the Test format, you can have a team that is expected to chase down a target rather comfortably, but then the pitch deteriorates quicker than first imagined and they go on to lose the match. Furthermore, the pressure of a run chase can make batsmen do silly things. If you always remember to expect the unexpected, then you can take advantage of some great odds. We are not saying that you should always back the underdog (this would see you lose more money that you win), simply that you should do your analysis and if you think that there is potential value to be had, go for it. In such scenarios, even if you stick down a small wager, you can end up walking away with a tidy profit.

Home Advantage is Always Significant

Every cricket fan knows just how difficult it is for a team to win away from home, especially when it comes to Test cricket. This is because they will be playing in unfamiliar conditions. However, when a team that is playing well at home is due to travel abroad to play a Test series, you will often find that the two teams are evenly priced, even if their away form is pretty terrible. Therefore, in this case, you can find pretty good odds for the home team to win. When it comes to limited overs cricket, it is not quite the same scenario. This is because with limited overs cricket the pitches have often been made flat, no matter what country the match is being played in. Furthermore, the matches are not long enough for conditions to play as much of a part as they do in Test cricket. Limited overs cricket is there to entertain, so the more runs that are scored, the better. So, you will often find that T20 or 50-over games are more evenly matched – although this is obviously not always the case. This means that it is not always wise to bet on the home team to win a limited overs match.

Choose and Bet on the Right Odds

When you are betting on cricket or any sport for that matter, it is important that you select and bet on the right odds. This is what is known as finding a value bet. If you do not learn how to find the value bets, then you will not have a very pleasant sports betting experience. By value bet, we mean being able to find markets that have a higher chance of coming true than the given odds would suggest. The more experience you get, the easier this will become.

Why Do We Provide Free Cricket Tips?

So, you might be wondering why we have provided you with so many free cricket tips. Well, the main reason why we have done so is that we care about all of our readers. At the end of the day, we want to help you to win as much money as possible when betting on cricket. If we can do this, then we will definitely consider this site to be a success.

How Do We Create Our Free Tips?

We have a bunch of experts who live and breathe cricket. In fact, what they do not know about cricket, really is not worth knowing. Whether it is cricket in India or cricket somewhere else in the world, they know what they are talking about. Some of our experts have decades of cricketing knowledge and they want to use their knowledge to help you win more money.

Are Our Tips Interesting and Profitable?

If you love your cricket (if you are on this page then we are going to assume that you do), then you find everything that our tipsters talk about to be very interesting. When it comes to profitability, they will be the first to tell you that they get more predictions right than they do wrong. However, our tipsters are not prophets who can predict everything. So, if you place a bet using their tips and you go on to lose, please do not be too harsh on them.

The Types of Matches We Provide Free Tips For

At any given time, there are plenty of cricket matches taking place all over the world. We obviously cannot provide predictions for every single cricket game being played, so we will select the ones that we believe you will be interested in. For instance, we will try our best to give you predictions for all of the Indian Premier League as well as any international matches that the Indian team are participating in. We will also provide tips when great competitions such as the Cricket World Cup and The Ashes are taking place.


Below are three questions that people commonly ask us.

Why is my promotional code not working?

There are a number of reasons why a promotional code might not be working. Below are some tips if this is the case for you:

  1. Ensure that the code is still in date.
  2. Ensure that the code is exact (promotional codes are always case sensitive).
  3. Don’t copy and paste. If you are still having issues after following all of the above tips, you will need to get in touch with the bookmaker’s customer service team.

Where can I find recent cricket betting tips?

At we will provide you with all the most recent betting tips for a wide variety of international and domestic cricket matches. Please, keep checking back with us for all of the best cricket tips. Our writers are huge cricket fans who are always on the lookout for the best cricket betting tips as their main aim is to help improve your chances of winning.

Do I need to be a cricket expert to bet on this sport?

You do not need to be a cricket expert to bet on cricket, but knowing the sport inside out will obviously improve your chances of winning. We would be lying if we told you otherwise. Don’t worry if you are not yet a cricket expert because this can be easily rectified by reading everything that we publish on this site – including our ‘Cricket rules guide‘.

Who Writes the Betting Tips?

All of our betting tips are written by cricket experts who have been following this fascinating sport for many years. They are some of the most knowledgeable cricket fans that we have others come across. What they do not know about cricket is not worth knowing. Therefore, when you are taking a look at our predictions, you can be confident about what you are reading.

What Are the Differences Between Rates and Odds?

People often ask what the difference is between rates and odds. Well, there is no difference as they are two of the same thing. So, if you are on a betting website and see the word “rates” being used, remember that what they mean is odds. Now that you know this, we hope that you will not get confused in future.

Do You Offer a Premium Service?

We do not offer a premium service and it is unlikely that we are going to offer one in the near future. At the end of the day, we want all of our tips to be available to everyone. The last thing we want is for some of our readers to be missing out on quality tips and the chance to win some money because they cannot afford to have a premium subscription with us.


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