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cricket guideIf you are a fan of this fantastic sport and want to start betting on it, this cricket betting site will provide you with the best cricket betting guide on the net. You will find guides to help you choose the best bookmaker as well as informative articles about all of the popular cricket competitions around the world, the different national teams, and the most well-known Indian cricket stadiums. 

Cricket Betting Guide: Match Types

If you are new to the cricketing world, you might not yet understand just how much of a multi-faceted sport it is. The depth of this entertaining game is one of its biggest strengths, making it one of the world’s most exciting sports to watch, play, and bet on. Our cricket betting guide will take a look at the three different formats of cricket and how the differences can have an effect on your bet.

Test Cricket

For most people, Test cricket will always be the ultimate form of the sport. In test cricket, two international teams compete against each other over the course of five days, with each team having two innings each. Test cricket is a format that will test every players’ mentality as well as their cricket skills.

During a test match, a batsman might have to bat for a whole day or more, and they have to concentrate for every single minute because one mistake could see them walking back to the pavilion. Likewise, a bowler could have to bowl more than 100 overs in the match. If they are not at the top of their game, things could start to get a bit embarrassing. In a game that can last five days, there really is nowhere to hide if you are having a bit of a stinker. 

Test cricket is the most popular format of the game in a lot of countries. According to a survey that was carried out by Marylebone Cricket Club, about 86% of the 13,000 people who took part said it was their favourite format. The popularity means that all of the best cricket betting sites will offer a plethora of different satta line for all the big Test cricket events such as The Ashes and England versus India or India versus Pakistan.

From a cricket bettor standpoint, it is not just the teams and players that can be rewarded for their cricket expertise in Test cricket, you can be too. This is a format where you can truly benefit from having a thorough understand of the sport and what you should look out for in this long and complicated game.

One Day Cricket

Also called limited-over cricket, the main difference between it and Test cricket is pretty clear from the name. Cricket is hundreds of years old, but the first one day game is believed to have been played in 1951 in India, making it a much newer format than Test cricket. The cricket rules for this format are pretty simple – both teams will bat just the once, and will have 50 overs to score as many runs as they can.

If you are not a patient cricket bettor, this format is ideal for you as it does not need the same levels of concentration that Test cricket does. Additionally, it is worth remembering that teams are often more aggressive and proactive in their play, and will take a lot more risks because of the restrictions that are in play. The shorter time period of this format means that teams that are less skilled than their opponents have a decent chance of causing an upset. This is something you need to consider when you are betting on this format.

Twenty20 Cricket

Many people really enjoy the slow and methodical nature of Test matches, but for others it is not their preferred format. Wherever you happen to sit in this debate, Twenty20 cricket really is a game that has a little bit for everyone. Each match lasts for about three hours, with one inning of 20 overs per team.

This format has only been in existence since about 2000, making it the newest format of the sport by some distance. It was created to try and increase the appeal of cricket, and it seems to have worked a treat, with some matches attracting tens of thousands of fans. For example, the Indian Premier League has been a huge success, with more people attending the matches than matches from the other two formats.

This format is a sprint instead of a marathon, and it is jam-packed with action as the bowlers have to use all of their guile and skill to avoid being dispatched out of the ground by batsmen swinging from the hip. Due to the shortness of this format, even those teams that are complete underdogs have a good chance of causing an upset. It only takes one marvelous batting or bowling performance from one player to turn a game on its head.

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Cricket Betting Guide: Betting Markets

There are many sports out there that people can bet on, but they are not all as popular as each other. One thing that will make one sport stand out from the crowd when it comes down to betting is the number of betting markets that are available. This makes perfect sense really – people gamble on sports for entertainment, and if the betting markets are limited, then things will get boring pretty quickly.

If you are new to sports betting, then you might not know what exactly a betting market is. Well, to put it as simply as possible, is a place where you go to make bets on different possible outcomes of a sporting event. All sports are broken down into different betting markets, with each market focusing on a certain element of the sporting event. Sometimes, there will be more than 100 betting markets available for a single sport event, depending on the bookie and the importance of the fixture.

There will be no boredom when it comes to cricket betting as this is a sport that has more betting markets than you can shake that proverbial stick at. In fact, when it comes to betting markets, there are not many sports out there that can compete with cricket when it comes to the variety of markets that are available.

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

So, it is all well and good knowing that cricket is a sport that has plenty of different things that you can bet on, but this knowledge is pretty much useless if you do not actually know what the different markets or options are. This cricket betting guide will go through the most popular cricket betting markets that you will come across at any bookie.

If you are completely new to cricket betting, then check out the whole list and find some bet types that seem perfect for you. If you are an advanced cricket bettor, we might even have something listed below that you are yet to try out. So, let’s get cracking, shall we?

Match Betting

Match betting is the most common type of cricket bet that you will come across. This is a really simple bet because with match betting you only have to choose from 3 different outcomes – come the end of a completed match, will the home or away team be the winner or will the game end in a draw. That is all. Due to how easy this bet type is, it is one of the most popular among cricket bettors.

Completed Match

For limited over matches, you can place a completed match wager, which is where you put your money on whether you think the game is going to end that day or not. If you feel that the weather or some other factor will have a negative impact on the match ending that same day, then you should think about making a bet that the game will not be completed. For a completed match wager, you simply bet yes or no as to whether the match will finish on the scheduled day.

Innings Runs

For this type of bet, you have to try and guess the number of runs that are going to be scored in the first innings of a cricket match. With most bookies, you will find this kind of wager as an Over/Under score bet. In this scenario, the bookmaker will post a specific number of runs, such as 235.5, and you simply need to predict whether the actual number of runs that will be score will end up being over or under the number given by the bookie.

Over/Under Score

If you do not want to try and predict the Over/Under score for the total number of runs, then you can place an Over/Under score for the total number of boundaries that are hit in the match. Once again, the bookie will provide you with a number, and it is your job to then decide whether the final boundary count will be over or under that number.

Odds/Even Runs

With this cricket bet, you decide whether a team’s final score in a match will be an even or odd number. Since this bet has just two possible outcomes, it is a really easy bet to understand. It is also a bet that has more to do with luck than your cricket knowledge. It is a wager that is there for entertainment value more than monetary value.

Top Bowler

If you want to bet on specific players, then you should think about making a top bowler bet. With this type of wager, you will choose the bowler that you feel will pick up the most wickets in a match or series. Due to the difficulty level of this bet type, if you manage to get it right you will walk away with a nice profit as the odds are often quite high.

Top Batsman

Another player bet that you can make is a top batsman wager. With this bet, you will choose the batsman that you believe will go on to score the most runs in a match or series. Like the top bowler bet, this is not an easy one to get right since one mistake can see a batsman get out, so the odds are usually pretty enticing and will lead to a nice profit if you manage to guess correctly. 

Team with Top Batsman

If you do not want to try and guess the one player that will be the top batsman in the match, then there is an easier option that is open to you. With this type of wager, you just need to predict which team will have the batsman that scores that most runs. Since there are only two options for you to choose from here, your odds of being a winner are a lot higher than if you were to choose one specific player. Naturally, the odds will be lower, meaning your profit margins will not be as high.

Coin Toss

If you are looking for the ultimate 50/50 cricket bet, then you should take a look at the toss prediction. With this type of bet, you are simply trying to predict which captain will win the coin toss. In cricket, the coin toss is done to see which team will bat first and which team will bowl first. You will never make a big profit from such a bet – it is simply one of those that you can place if you are after a bit of light-hearted fun.

Dismissal Method

If you want to do a spot of live cricket betting, then you should look at the method of dismissal wager. With this kind of bet, you simply have to decide how the next batsmen to get out will be dismissed. When you are making a method of dismissal wager, you will be able to choose from the following dismissal outcomes: caught, LBW, bowled, run out, stumped, or other. All you are required to do with a method of dismissal stake is pick one of these outcomes and hope that the next batsman to get out gets out in the way that you predicted.

Series Winner

If you are new to the cricket world, then you might not yet be aware that it is common for two sides to play a series of matches against each other. It makes little sense to fly thousands of miles just for one game, so teams will usually play multiple games in a specific format, which is known as a series. With a series winner bet, you are just picking the team that you feel will come out on top when the series comes to an end.

Tournament Winner

If there is a big cricket tournament on such as the Cricket World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup, or the IPL, then you have the chance of predicting which team will go on to win the trophy. With this kind of wager, it is better to place your bet as early as possible because as the tournament wears on, the odds will decrease.

Player of the Match

In cricket, just like in any other sport, the best player in the match will be given the “Player of the Match” award, and you can bet on who you think this will be. Due to the fact that any of the 22 players on the field can win the award, it is not an easy bet to get correct, which is often reflected in the odds that you will be offered. If you get this type of wager right, you will make a lovely profit.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Whether you are just starting out with cricket betting or you are a veteran with plenty of betting years to your name, we want to show you how to win cricket betting. To help you, we are now going to take a look at some cricket betting strategies. If you bet on cricket without any strategies in play, then you will just end up losing more money that you win. Take a look at the following strategies and put them to good use when you are cricket betting.

Knowledge is Power

In order to be successful with your cricket betting, or betting on any sport for that matter, you need to have a very good understanding of the sport and a complete love for it. You need to make it a habit of staying up to date with all of the latest cricket news because failure to do so could be the difference between you winning and losing a wager that you make. For example, if you bet on a team that is missing key players due to injury or some other reason, your chances of winning will be severely dented. This could have been avoided if you had just taken the time to look at the latest cricket news before making your bet.

Bet on Teams You Are Familiar With

This strategy somewhat ties in with what we were just talking about above about knowledge being power. If you are unfamiliar with the South Africa or West Indian national cricket team, then you should avoid betting on them. You should stick to the Indian national team as you should know more about who their best players are and so on. Also, if you like one format a lot more than the others, than stick to it when you are placing cricket bets.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

When you are betting on cricket, it is important that you do so with the best odds possible as this means that you will be getting the best value from your hard-earned money. You will not find the same odds at all bookies, which is why it is vital that you take the time to look around for the best cricket odds.

We suggest that you consider opening an account with a few bookies that offer quality odds as this means that when you want to bet on a cricket event, you can compare the odds that are being offered by the bookmakers you have an account with, and then place your bet with the one that is offering the best odds for that particular outcome.

Claim the Bonuses and Promotions on Offer

Most bookmakers will offer a number of bonuses because this is one way that they try and stay ahead of their rivals. A bookie that offers the best bonuses will have more new customers sign up than a bookie that offers weak bonuses. Many sportsbooks will match your first deposit up to a certain amount, while others will offer new customers a free bet that they can use on any sport, although we obviously recommend you use it on cricket.

A free bet is a great bonus to get as it means you can place a wager on a cricket match without risking any of your hard-earned money. A decent strategy to put in place whenever you have a free bet available is to go for a riskier bet than you usually would because if you lose then you have not lost anything, but if you go on to win then the profit margins will be a lot higher.

As usual, when it comes down to any bonuses, there will be a number of T&Cs that apply, and it is vital that you read that all carefully so that you do not do something that costs you your bonus.

Explore Different Markets

Many cricket bettors will stick to just choosing a team to win, which is perfectly fine. At the end of the day, you should bet in a way to ensure the most enjoyment for you. However, sticking to the one market might not always make for a great cricket betting strategy. When you are betting, you need to be wise and it is important that you find the best opportunities. The more markets that you are familiar with, the more chance you will have of finding a value bet.

Cricket Betting Tips

So, we have given you some cricket betting strategies that you should keep in mind, and now we are going to take a look at some cricket betting tips that you would do well to remember whenever you are having a cricket betting session, whether that is on your desktop computer or the best mobile cricket betting apps.

The Home Team Has the Advantage

The home team will always have the advantage, no matter the format, because they are playing in conditions that are familiar to them. This means that they will understand how the pitch is most likely to behave as the match wears on. To add to this, most of the crowd will be cheering them on and acting like an extra player. Therefore, before you go ahead and place a bet on cricket, you really need to consider where the match is being played.

The Weather Plays an Important Part

Those who are not new to the world of cricket will know just what type of impact the weather can have on a cricket game. For instance, when the conditions are overcast, the ball will swing more, and it will be harder for batsman to bat. However, when the sun is out, that is the best time to bat as the ball will do less, making things easier. Although, having said this, in places such as India and Pakistan, the sun will bake the pitch as the match wears on, causing cracks, and leading to an advantage for the spin bowlers.

Also, in countries that have a tropical type of climate, dew will start to appear in the evening when it cools down, which means that the ball will get wet – a wet cricket ball is practically impossible to grip properly. This is why teams that win the toss in such places will field first, so that they do not have to bowl with dew around.

No Pitches Are the Same

If you think that all pitches in cricket are basically the same, then you are sorely mistaken. Cricket pitches across the world are not identical, which is what makes the sport such an exciting one to watch as players have to battle different conditions wherever they happen to be.

For example, in England, you will often find a lot of grass on the pitch at the start of play, which means that the pace bowlers will get plenty of movement off the pitch. On the other hand, in places such as India, there is little or no grass on the pitch and as the sun bakes the soil, it starts to crack, which helps out the spin bowlers. It is no coincidence that pace bowlers prosper in England, while spin bowlers prosper in India and the subcontinent.

Pay Attention to the Ground

The size of the ground in which the match is being played is something else that you should pay attention to, especially if you are thinking about making bets that involve the number of runs scored. Cricket venues in Australia and India, such as Melbourne Cricket Ground or Eden Gardens, have long boundaries that can make it harder to score runs. On the other hand, grounds in New Zealand and England are usually smaller with shorter boundaries, which means that run scoring can be easier.

How to Use Free Bets

Earlier we mentioned that bookies will often offer free bets in order to entice new players to sign up and to keep existing players happy. We are now going to explain just how about it is that you go about using any free bets that you get offered.

Let us say that you have just been given a free bet from, and you are sitting there wondering how exactly you make use of it. Well, you will be glad to find out that using free bets is a really easy process, even for those of you are new to the sports betting world. We have taken the time to outline the free bets process for you below – this process will be the same regardless of the bookie or the sports betting site that you are betting with.

  1. Find the sport market that you would like to bet on (cricket, in this case) and then look for a market that you want to use your free bet or free bets on.
  2. Click on your chosen market, and it will be added to your betting slip automatically, which you will usually find on the right of your screen.
  3. There will be a box on your betting slip that reads something like “Use Free Bet”. Click on it to declare that you would like to make use of the free bet.
  4. Click the submit button, and you have just made a free bet.

Match Predictions

We want to help all of our readers have the best possible chance of winning when doing some cricket online betting, so apart from providing you with useful betting tips and strategies, such as the ones that we just gave you above, we also provide all our readers with free match predictions.

We will give you match predictions for all the big cricket tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, Cricket World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup, and a plethora of other international matches. We hope that our predictions will improve your chances of winning, but obviously this is something that we cannot guarantee.

If you make use of our match predictions and do not win, please do not blame us as we always do our best to try and give the best predictions possible. If we were always right, we would be sitting on a beach somewhere now, sipping on margheritas.

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