IPL Betting: Odds, Tips and the Best IPL Bookies Online

IPL Betting

The Indian Premier League is the biggest cricketing event in the world. Ten teams (previously eight) compete for the IPL trophy attracting enthusiastic participation and huge bets. IPL betting is the mecca of cricket betting online with each match worth Rs 4,000 crore or more. If you win, you win big!

If you are new to IPL betting, do not worry as this guide will tell you everything that you need to know about IPL predictions, IPL odds and the best IPL cricket betting sites. IPL 2022 is currently scheduled for March 27th 2022 and we can't wait!

The Best Sites for IPL Betting

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IPL Betting Odds

IPL betting

When it comes to IPL betting odds, it is important to shop around before making a bet so that you do not end up leaving money on the table whenever you make a wager. Profitable IPL betting is a lot more than just selecting the winning team or top batsman, it is about always finding the best value for your wager.

If you want to win big money when betting on the Indian Premier League you have to know how to read cricket betting odds. This is really important since odds change all the time as the match progresses. For example, after the first innings is complete, the team that was the underdog might suddenly be the favourites! This means that the dynamics of the game have changed completely, and the odds will have changed drastically since the beginning of the game.

In the sports betting world, odds have two purposes. Firstly, odds are very useful when it comes to calculating payouts. Secondly, odds are there to highlight the probability of a particular outcome happening.

Calculating Probabilities for IPL Betting

Calculating the probability of an outcome occurring can be done using a very simple equation that is:

Probability = 1/decimal odds x 100.

If the Mumbai Indians are taking on the Delhi Capitals and the former have IPL betting odds of 1.60 to win, while the latter has IPL betting odds of 2.20 to win. Using the above equation, the probability of the Mumbai Indians winning is 62.5%, while the probability of the Delhi Capitals winning is 45.45%.

Working out how much you stand to win should you predict correctly is pretty simple. All you have to do is multiply your odds by the stake that you are going to put.

So, if you decide that you want to bet Rs 1000 on the Mumbai Indians and they go on to win, you will get back a total of Rs 2,200 (2.20 x 1000 = 2,200). However, you obviously need to subtract the stake that you wagered since this is not part of your winnings. Therefore, with this IPL bet, you would make a total profit of Rs 1,200. This is known as a moneyline bet since you are just betting on a team to win, but the same rules apply for whatever type of bet you happen to place.

Above we said that it is important to shop around for the best IPL betting odds in order to win as much money as possible from the same amount wagered. This is because not all sportsbooks offer the exact odds for an outcome.

For example, if you want to place an outright winners bet, we can clearly see the different odds from the best betting sites for cricket:

Betway: Chennai Super Kings are 3.50 to win the tournament.

Spin Sports: Chennai Super Kings are 3.40 to win the tournament.

10Cric: Chennai Super Kings are 3.70 to win the tournament.

So, if you were to put a bet of Rs 1000 on the Chennai Super Kings to win with Betway, you would make a profit of Rs 2,500. If you placed the same bet with Spin Sports, your profit will be Rs 2,400, while if you made the same wager with 10Cric, your profit margin would be Rs 2,700.

You might be thinking there is not a huge difference between the profit margins of the three bets, but if you miss out on 300 rupees with each winning bet, things will soon start to add up. This is why it is important to register with a bookmaker that offers some of the highest IPL betting odds around.

IPL-14 (2021)

The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League got off to a flying start on the 9th of April 2021. Things were going very well until another wave of the pandemic hit and the tournament was postponed as players were testing positive and others were leaving the country to ensure they did not get stuck in India. On May 2nd the BCCI declared that the rest of the IPL 2021 would be played in the UAE in September. It concluded with the Chennai Super Kings as the champions.

IPL Betting Tips and Picks

If you are after some great tips to help with your IPL betting, then it is safe to say that you have come to the right place. There are many different factors that can have an impact on the outcome of an IPL game and the more that you take into consideration, the better your IPL betting experience will be. Below we take a closer look at some of the most important factors that you should take into consider if you want the best IPL betting experience.

The Venue

For the most part, IPL teams play better at home because of the crowd support and the fact that the players will be more used to the wicket and the playing conditions. For example, some pitches will spin a lot more than others, and those batsmen who have not played on it that much will often struggle. Also, if a venue is a high scoring one, it might favour an away team if they are the type of team that do well at high scoring grounds when compared to low scoring ones. So, before you go ahead and do some IPL betting, make sure that you take the time to do plenty of research first.

The Pitch

If you want to be a successful cricket bettor, then you need to learn how to read the pitch that the match is taking place on. You should look at what has happened in recent matches on the same pitch as this will give you a good understanding as to what might happen during the next game. For instance, if you are looking at betting on the total number of runs scored in an IPL match, take a look at the previous matches that were played on the same pitch and place your bet accordingly.

The Weather Conditions

Particular grounds will usually always have particular characteristics, but the weather conditions on the day can vary quite a bit. For example, Eden Garden is a ground where the ball spins, but on certain days the ball can spin more than usual. Also, with games that are being played in the evening, you have to take the dew factor into consideration. When it is hot during the day and cools down considerably in the evening, dew forms and this is not good news for the team that is fielding second. When the outfield is wet, the ball gets slippery and hard to grip, meaning that bowlers can struggle with their line and length. So, with regard to IPL betting, if it is clear that dew is going to be a big factor, it is always wise to put your money on the team that is betting second. Do yourself a favour and check the weather report on the day of the match.

Team Form

Before you go ahead and bet on a team to win, take a few moments to see what type of form they are in. Being on a bit of a winning streak is something that breeds confidence and will mean that the players will have more belief in what they are doing and will be more relaxed. On the other hand, when a team has lost five matches in a row, they will be low in confidence and they will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to perform, which can lead to another inept performance. If you do some IPL betting without paying attention to the form of a team, there is a good chance you will go on to lose your bet.

Key Players

Cricket is a team sport and usually the better team ends up winning, not the team with the best individual players. However, with that being said, some players are obviously more important. For instance, the absence of big players such as David Warner, Rohit Sharma, or Virat Kohli will dent their side's chances of winning. Additionally, if a certain player is in great form with the bat or ball, they will drastically improve their team's chances of winning. If the likes of Trent Boult has picked up three wickets in each of the last four games he has played, then the Mumbai Indians will have a good chance of playing well in their next game as there is a high possibility that Boult will put on another big show. So, before you bet on an IPL team, check to see if they will be missing any key players and whether some players have been in great form.

Find Value Bets

If you want to be a successful sports bettor, you have to learn how to find value bets. By value bets we mean bets that have a higher chance of happening than the bookmaker's odds would otherwise suggest. There is a simple equation that you can use to calculate whether a bet is a value bet or not, and this is: Value = (Decimal odds x assessed probability) -1.

We will give you an example now to make this easier for you to understand. For example, let us say that we are betting on a match between the Punjab Kings and the Mumbai Indians, with the Mumbai Indians having odds of 3.00 to win. After having done some of our own research, we personally feel that the Mumbai Indians have a 40% chance of winning the match. So, is it a value bet?

Using the aforementioned equation, we get: (3.00 x 0.40)-1 = 0.2

When the value is above 0, you have a value bet. So, since we had odds of 3.00 and an assessed probability of 40%, we actually have 20% value that the Mumbai Indians will beat the Punjab Kings, So, why should you bet only if you have found some value? Well, to be a successful sports bettor you need to make better assessments of the possibility of an outcome happening than the sportsbook. We felt that the Mumbai Indians have a 40% chance of winning, while the bookmaker's odds of 3.00 shows that they felt that they had a 33.3% of being victorious. This is a value bet because we believe that the Mumbai Indians' chances of winning are more than what the bookie believes.

How to Place IPL Bets

How to bet on IPL

If you are new to the world of cricket betting, whether that is betting on the IPL or any other cricket event, you are probably not too sure as to how you go about placing your cricket bets. Below is an outline of how to make an IPL cricket bet:

  1. Sign into your bookmaker account and make sure that you have plenty of funds in your wallet for the bets that you are thinking about making.
  2. If you do not have enough cash in your bookmaker account, simply deposit some using one of the many different payment options that are available.
  3. Head over to your sportsbook's cricket betting section and find the section that is dedicated to the IPL.
  4. Browse through the different markets that are available until you come across one that you like the look of. Click on it so that it is added to your betting slip, which will pop up on the right of your screen.
  5. Decide how much money you are going to stake on your bet and then add this value to your betting slip.
  6. When you are 100% content with all of your choices, hit that submit button and you will have just made an IPL bet.

IPL Prop Betting

One of the reasons why IPL betting is so popular for sports betting fans is that there are just so many different cricket betting markets available for this tournament. In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the best prop bets that you can make when betting on the IPL.

Toss winner: You can put your money on what captain you think will go on to win the coin toss to determine who bats and bowls first. You will not win an awful lot of money from such a bet unless you place a huge stake, but this would be risky since you have a 50/50 chance of winning. This type of bet is just there for a bit of fun.

Top batsman: You can pick a batsman from a team that you think will end up scoring the most runs for their team. Since this is not that easy a bet to get correct, you will often be given good odds, meaning you can make a tidy profit if you manage to guess correctly.

Top bowler: This is pretty much the same as the top batsman bet, apart from the fact that you are choosing a bowler that you think will collect the most wickets for their side. Once again, this is not an easy wager to get right, so the bookmaker you have an account with should offer some decent odds.

Man of the Match: This award is given out at the end of the game to the player that played the most important role in helping their team win the match. Since you have to choose out of 22 players, this is not a simple type of bet to get right, and this is reflected in the odds that you will be able to take advantage of.

Top runscorer in the competition: You can put your money on a batsman that you think will end up as the leading runscorer in the whole tournament. The batsman that scores the most runs in the tournament is awarded with an orange cap.

Top wicket taker in the competition: You can also bet on the bowler you think will end up at the top of the bowling figures table come the end of the tournament. The leading bowler is also given a cap, but they are given a purple cap.

Highest opening partnership: With this prop bet, you just have to try and predict which team will have the most runs before they lost their first wicket.

Most run outs: When it comes to T20 cricket, things can get a little bit hectic because players are trying to score runs as quickly as they can. Each extra run could be the difference between winning or losing a game, so batsmen sometimes take risks when they are running between the wickets. Therefore, there are plenty of chances for the fielding team to get a run out. You can place a bet on how many run outs you think there will be in a game.

A half-century scored: With this wager, you are betting that one of the players (does not matter which team they are on) goes on to score at least fifty runs.

A century scored: You can also bet on whether there will be a century scored in an IPL match. Since each side only has 120 balls to score as many runs as they can, it is quite difficult for a batsman to score a century. However, it does happen, and if you bet on it and it happens, your profit margins will be pretty tasty.

Most sixes: Here, you simply have to choose the team that you think will go on to hit the most sixes in the game.

Total sixes: You can also bet on the total number of sixes that will be hit in the match. Your bookmaker will give you a figure, such as 16.5, and then you have to decide whether there will be 16 or fewer sixes in the match (under) or 17 sixes or more (over).

First wicket dismissal: You can place your money on how the first wicket will fall, with there usually being six different options available to you that are: caught, bowled, run out, LBW, stumped, and others.

Fall of first wicket: Your bookmaker will give you a set number of runs and then you have to decide whether the team in question will lose their first wicket before they have reached that number of runs or after they have reached it.

How to Find the Best IPL Betting Site

Best IPL betting sites

While there are plenty of bookies that have IPL markets, they have not all been created equally, so we are now going to tell you what you should look out for when you are searching for the best IPL betting sites.

Reputation: In the sports betting world, reputation is very important. In such a competitive industry, a bookie with a poor reputation is one that will not be around for that long. So, before you go ahead and commit to a sportsbook that you happen to like the look of, we recommend that you read some reviews so you can get an understanding as to what your fellow gamblers think about it. If all the most recent comments are nothing but negative ones, then steer clear.

Safety: Regardless of the sport that you are betting on, it is vital that you register with a legitimate and safe online bookie. Betting on sports is a hobby that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world and billions are bet every year, so there is too much money on offer for scammers to ignore. Most sportsbooks that you encounter will be legitimate, but there are some out there who were created to rob you of your hard-earned money. Thankfully, these scamming sites are simple to avoid if you pay attention. You should sign up with bookmakers that hold a license from a reputable gambling regulator such as the Maltese Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

IPL markets: If you are signing up to a bookie in order to bet on the IPL, then you obviously should check what type of IPL markets they have on offer before you go ahead and complete the registration process. At the end of the day, you do not want to sign up with a sportsbook and then realise that they do not have enough IPL betting markets to keep you thoroughly entertained. All of the best IPL betting sites will have the majority of the prop bets that we mentioned above, plus all the regular bets you would expect to find.

Bonuses and promotions: Nowadays, most sportsbooks that you will encounter will have some sort of Welcome Bonus due to the competitive nature of the industry. A bookie that does not have a Welcome bonus is one that not many new players will register with, and they will soon end up going out of business. Therefore, before you commit to a bookmaker, you should shop around to make sure that you will be registering with one that has one of the best bonuses around. Also, you should take a look at the different promotions that they have running to see if they offer cricket promotions to their existing players.

Odds: A sportsbook could offer the best bonuses and a wide variety of markets, but all this means little if their odds are low. Therefore, before signing up with a bookmaker, do yourself a favour and take a look at the odds that they are offering. Make use of an odds comparison site to find the bookies with the best odds.

Customer support: It is important that you register with a sportsbook that has solid customer support because there is a good chance that you will encounter an issue at some stage in your gambling experience. You do not want to sign up with a bookie that has poor customer support and then end up having to jump through hoops just to get the help that you need. So, before you go ahead and register with a bookmaker, create a mock issue, send it to the bookmaker you are thinking about opening an account with and see how they respond to your issue. If you get the impression that they really cannot be bothered to help you out, then look for another bookie to sign up with.

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Brief History of the Indian Premier League

The IPL originated in 2008 and its roots can be traced all the way back to the Indian Cricket League, also known as the ICL. When India lifted the T20 World Cup back in 2007, many saw this as the perfect opportunity to create something great. People had come to adore the 20-over version of the game, and M. S. Dhoni had helped propel the Indian cricketing scene to much higher heights.

Zee Enterprises then bankrolled the ICL, the first franchise-based cricket competition, to make use of this momentum. However, the BCCI were not fond of this. The first edition had teams representing the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and some other main cities, but it lacked the hype, lustre, and the big players to attract a crowd. In fact, most of the players were from Bangladesh and Pakistan, while there were some players from the Indian state level.

Come the end of the first season, it was clear that they did not have the support to carry on with this league. The BCCI could have helped it flourish, but they did not want anything to do with it. They probably found it really annoying that someone else managed to beat them to this great idea. To try and stop young Indians from signing up to play in the ICL, they increase the prize money on offer for other domestic competitions.

The final in the ICL coffin came when the BCCI declared that they were developing their very own cricket league that would go by the name of the Indian Premier League. With the necessary support, they had all that was necessary to make this one of the biggest and best competitions on the world, and that is what they did. The ICL fizzled out and the very first IPL was launched in April 2008.

There was a 7-member board and, in January 2008, they held the very first auction with a budget of $400 million for the franchises. The auction quickly led to the formation of teams from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mohali, Jaipur, and Mumbai. In 2010, Kochi and Pune joined the ranks as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPL Betting

πŸ₯‡ What is the Best Betting Site for IPL Betting?

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many great ones out there, and each one has something unique it can offer you. Therefore, you need to decide which bookie is the best for you according to your own preferences and personal needs. You will not be disappointed if you opt to register with any of the bookmakers that we recommend to you on this page.

βš–οΈ Is Betting on the IPL Legal in India?

Although gambling is mostly illegal across India, there is nothing in the rules and regulations about online gambling since the government are still using an Act that was put in place when the British were in charge. Therefore, there is nothing stopping the people of India from registering with an online bookie that is not based in India.

πŸ’΅ Can I Make Money Betting on the Indian Premier League?

Yes, of course you can make some money by betting on the IPL, in the same way that you can make cash betting on cricket and other sports. However, with this being said, making a good profit when sport betting is not that easy, it is something that requires patience and time. We do not recommend that you make it an aim to win money when bettong on the IPL - just try to enjoy yourself and be happy if you make some extra money on the side.

πŸ† Who Will Win the 2022 IPL?

Will it be the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the Chennai Super Kings, or the Mumbai Indians once more? We wish we knew, and we would definitely be betting on it if we did. If you think you know, then place a bet on it using one of the many great sites you can find on this site.

πŸ‘‘ Who is the Most Successful Team in the IPL?

The title of the most successful team goes to the Mumbai Indians as they have managed to win the title no fewer than five times.