An Online Gambling Addict Has Been Reimbursed 100k by Unnamed Bookmaker

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All bookmakers have responsible gambling procedures in place to ensure that their punters get the help that they require should they acquire a gambling addiction. As you are about to see, failure to protect punters from themselves will see the bookmaker in question pay out a hefty fine.

Bookmaker Pays Punter 100k to Stay Quiet

An unnamed bookmaker in the United Kingdom has paid one of their punters £100,000 so that he does not report his gambling addiction case to the higher authorities.

The 32-year-old man, who has been classified as a vulnerable gambler, spent more than £134,000 on blackjack and roulette at an online casino while showing clear signs of a gambling addiction.

The company in question failed to act and did not question whether the vulnerable man could afford the losses that he was accruing. His solicitor argued that it was extremely obvious that his client was spending beyond his means, and they should have stepped in to offer him professional help. Instead, they treated him like a VIP, gave him bonuses, as well as an account manager

The Bookmaker Decided to Settle Out of Court

The man began legal action against the bookmaker, but they decided to settle the case out of court and forced him to sign a waiver that prevents him from revealing their identity to the Gambling Commission.

However, this might not be the end of the case as there are strict regulations for non-disclosure agreements in the gambling industry. If this particular individual or his lawyers do not believe that these regulations were followed, they can still contact gambling regulators, who will find out the identity of the company and find them for breaking regulations that came in this year.

Gagging orders are not new in the gaming industry as it is estimated that bookmakers use them in order to save millions of pounds every year.


Bookmakers Are Now Making Adjustments to Avoid Similar Cases

MPs are calling for a complete overhaul of gambling laws. For example, they believe that there should be strict restrictions on all VIP accounts as these get people hooked by offering the chance to win thousands of pounds, tickets to prestigious events, and an account manager.

In order to try and prevent similar cases happening to them, the big bookmakers such as Betfair. Paddy Power, Bet365, and Ladbrokes are all improving their measures to protect their punters from the dangers of gambling addiction.

With the emergence of similar cases, more bookmakers will do the same, which is great as gambling addiction is an ailment that affects more people than the majority of us could ever imagine.

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